Gigamarket of your possibilities

I check the company list, and can you arrange all the goods?

It depends on your location. Before exporting, we need to confirm the permission from manufacturing companies. So please ask us for details of your request, and we will follow your request and check each availabilities.


Do i need to change the labels for Japanies market?

Labelling shall conform to the requirements set by the (Japanese) National Tax Agency with the notification titled “Labelling Standards Regarding Prevention of Underage Drinking” with such examples as “Underage drinking is prohibited by law” or “Drinking is after you turn twenty years old.” And get all specifications


What documents i need for importing the goods to Japan?

It depend on type of product and it`s HS code. So better to check everything with customs clearance -


Who should confirm the origin of the goods?

The producer takes responsability for varification of the origing. If Customs cannot confirm the originating status of the good through the above process, preferential tariff treatment would be denied. Furthermore, depending on the cases, the good may be subject to an additional tax/penalties for underpayment of Customs duties.


Can you arrange personal home export service?

(Ex. Export and deliver goods to each home address.)
If you have alcoholic import license → Yes, we can arrange.
If you don’t have alcoholic import license → Unfortunately No.


I'm looking for aspecific product, but can't find it on your homepage.

All our products are not visible on the homepage, you are always welcome to contact us for help in manufacturing and importing the product you are looking for. Please describe the product and quantity that you are interested in.


What's the price for this product and why is it not available online?


The prices of our products are always fluctuating and are dependent on different factors, such as shipping costs, delivery time, ordered quantity, material costs and exchange rates. You can send a quick enquiry online or call us for price. Please don't forget to give us the desired quantity to receive your price quote as soon as possible.


Do you sell one item?

No, we don't sell one item.


Sea freight or airfreight?

We have no stock and all products are manufactured and imported at order. Sea freight is the most common shipment method and generally associated with lower costs for our customers, especially at larger quantities. A boat takes around 30 days from Asia and together with manufacturing time and loadings, shipping by sea is minimum 60 days. Plan your purchases for lower shipping costs.


If you need shorter delivery time the customer can choose air freight or courier service (UPS or Fedex). Some products with short manufacturing time, e.g. 


What documets i willneed for entrance in asia market.

It depend what direct product do you have and in what country you will represent this product. All countries have a different regulations more 




How can we know theproducts you import are safe?

Our products always adhere to EU environmental and safety regulations. We have a dedicated safety department with knowledge of standarts regulations. 


Are you working B2C or B2B?

Our main activity is consulting and distribution B2B accept equipment supplies where we can work with the end customer




Where you are located?

We have several branches in USA and well established affiliate network in China, Japan and the Republic of Korea. But the main address you could find in our contac page. 


How many employes doyou have?

As soon as our activity cover different continents with completely different time zones and for the convenience of communication, our company has a large number of remote employees in different countries, but the the basic structure of company counts about 30 employees.


I want to book ameeting and visit you.

You are welcome to contact us to book a meeting.


I have other questions,how do i contact you?

You can use the contact form or call us at +12676037644


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