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Transportation of the goods to Republic of Korea

Our company can provide delivery of goods from more than 113 countries of the world and organize it in such a way that the cargo will arrive at the maximum speed and without damage.

Road sare the most important infrastructure for goods carrying over 90% of the country's transport volume. Korea has 57 railroad routes and they act as the main mode of transport for large cargo.

There are eight international airports, including Incheon International Airport, and seven domestic airports. Around 77 international passenger and cargo airlines operate frequent flights between Korea and many nations around the world.

SouthKorea has three main port authorities, Busan Port Authority (BPA),Incheon Port Authority (IPA) and Ulsan Port Authority (UPA).Total cargo handling in ports through out Korea is around 17 million TEUs.In terms of a case-by-base of cargo handling figures, import and export cargo reaches 11 million TEUs, while transit cargo is to 6 million TEUs.

According to the volumes, location and type of product our specialist will propose you the best options to deliver your goods to the destination.

*Minimum volume of 20 tons container

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