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The study of this information is mandatory. Without her careful study - you should not sign any contracts with the Company (En).


L'étude de cette information est obligatoire. Sansson étude attentive, vous ne devriez pas signer de contrat avec la Société(Fr).








Policies and regulations with the Company (hereinafter- the Rules, the Company's policy)





1. The terms and conditions of cooperation are obligatory for all transactions and have full legal force from the moment of expressing your consent to their terms, whichoccurs on at the beginning of the contractual relationship or use of anyservices to the Company iRoad LLC, registration ID 2016-00719475, one hand,(hereinafter - Company) and any legal entities and individuals on the other parties(hereinafter - the client, the Customer, You), together - Parties. Acceptance of the terms and conditions of the policy and regulations - is for irrevocable and unconditional cooperation a condition of the Parties. The only officialversion of the Regulation - a version in English and any other versions andtranslations can be used by customers for information and personal use.


2. The Parties haveagreed that these rules always have the highest priority over all other verbaland written contracts, agreements and other written and oral information obtained as a result of cooperation. These rules take effect from the moment of acceptance (a reply to any company email that containing the following: "All mails in electronic form with the company «IROAD LLC» may contain confidential personal information, materials about intellectual property and rights and can be used by the recipients of correspondence only. The recipient of the Email - can not deliver, copy or disclose its contents to third parties.In any cases of receiving information about mails and other correspondence by mistake, You must immediately inform the sender of the letter via e-mail and take all measures to delete the correspondence, as it may contain commercial information.You agree that when you send a response to this email, you must read, study and accept all policies, rules and other information on web-page of this correspondence confirm that after You send a response to this e-mail, all correspondence acquires the status of official and expresses their will and any interests.") and are valid for an unlimited period of time or until the client's official termination letter is sent to the official email of the Company or in writing to the legal address of the Company.


3. Company has the right to use their unregistered logos, names, websites, both official and so no other information sources. TheCompany is committed to always sign the agreement with the actual name of theCompany and its details by the Customer before the start of cooperationin dependently verified.


4. Clients of the Company provides the company with an indisputable right to stop cooperation with them at any stage in its sole discretion, without any notice, without any legal and financial implications for the Company, except if the Company has a paid service.


5. The company's clients are informed in this paragraph, all the talks, messages and other forms of communication with there presentatives of the company are recorded on the company's servers and can beused at its discretion without the consent of the client.


6. The Company's customers are not allowed to discloseany information which has appeared as a result of interaction with the company,the third person, without the written consent of the Company, unless there is acourt decision. The penalty for violation of this provision fixed a rate of 50000 (fifty thousand US dollars) and cannot be challenged in court.


7. All clients understand and unconditionally accept that the company provides brokerage and consulting services, is not it self a purchaser of products, and only assisted the commission of transactions between manufacturers (distributors) and end customers, which it is, and will receive from your intermediary transactions percentage. At the signing of the agreement- Parties confirm that all provided information to them for review do notrequire additional knowledge, interpretations of, and experience to understand any other specific tools and resources that are not available to them. Usingthe terms "distribution", "Sale" is understood them as anyactivity related to the promotion of goods.


8. Use of the Company's customers of any service company - is solely at your own risk, as all the services, the Company's services, applications received by the client "as is". All responsibility for compliance with any services, services to the Company'sexpectations and objectives of the client - is assigned to the client company. Risks and other negative consequences of the interaction with the Company are also assigned to clients.


9. Customers and partners agree that the Company may disregard any written requests for information, which is not done in her e-mail address indicated on web page. It except all cases when there is a decision of the relevant court or other competent public authority, requiring companies todo so. Familiarization with any previous version of the rules, must be made partners and clients independently in Google Web cache. Guarantor of the truth of this information serves the largest company (Google). When using and providing the above information in court - The Company may use this information, and customers and partners agree and acknowledge that thein formation is genuine, received from the proper source.


10. The term "service" is understood:

             -The acquisition of something by means of

             -Sale of anything with the help of the company

             -Provision of advice

             -Assistance services.

Despite the fact that this interpretation is that the service is not standard, the parties have no claim to this interpretation of the concept.


11. The Company is not able to continuously monitor changes in their national legislation, and partner companies of countrieslegislation. There fore, all Partners before the cooperation required to independently verify compliance with these Rules and the contract for the ruleof law.


12. You acknowledge and understand that the company,providing intermediary services for the search of companies-foreign manufacturers, distributors and other interested persons-is entitled to enter into an unlimited number of contracts for any sums. At the same time, the company's clients realize that the company does not have the purpose to buy these products, but there is a desire to offer (assign) in different form the contracts concluded by it to third parties for the percentage established by the company. At the same time, customers clearly understand that this contract may not be implemented, not fulfilled by the company for a number of reasons(such as: changes in market conditions, currency fluctuations, changes in the political or economic situation in the country of distribution Product or the inability to find a customer who would agree to buy the product of the manufacturer or distributor, and other reasons). All clients and partners ofthe company are aware and unconditionally accept these conditions, estimating the probable risk and possible concomitant costs. However, the company willmake efforts to further implement the terms of the contract.


13. The Parties understand that the conditionsdescribed in the "Agreement on exclusive distribution of products"signed with manufacturers or distributors (or its synonymous analogue) areintroductory, general informational character and fix only The Company's rightto receive exclusive rights of distribution of products. These types ofcontracts cannot be interpreted in any other way, as treaties on grantingexclusive rights. Customer shall withdraw any liability from Company concerningthe need to purchase goods of and other obligations related to the purchase ofthe goods.


14. The main language of this agreement is English andany other translations are introductory and provided to You with anintroductory purpose.


15. Before the beginning of cooperation the clients ofthe company are obliged to prove the financial solvency of the company byproviding a financial document from the bank confirming that the client'saccount contains not less than 200% of the amount specified in the Agreement orsynonymous analogue.


16. The company, at its sole discretion, may providethe missing or not performed services, in order to maintain its businessreputation, within three years from the date of signing the agreement,regardless of the subject of the contract and the terms of execution specifiedtherein.


17. Inaction on the part of the company in case ofviolation by you or other persons of these rules-does not deprive the companyof the right to take appropriate actions in defense of its interests later, atany time and at its discretion. In addition, this does not mean that thecompany waives its rights in case of such violations on your part.


18. These rules of the company is a full contractbetween the company and customers and customers are not allowed to work withthe company without accepting the provisions specified herein. The company doesnot conduct business with customers who do not accept these rules.


19. The company's director and/or owner shall bear allresponsibility for the activity of the firm, taking full responsibility for theservices received or provided.


20. Under no circumstances shall employees, agents, aswell as any affiliated entities of the company be held responsible for theperformance of the services by the company as a whole, as they may not possesscomplete and reliable information about the company, its actions and purposes.


21. You confirm that you have fully understood themeaning and essence of the contract and these rules concluded with the company,staying in clear mind and sober memory, in accordance with the requirements ofthe current legislation of your country, having all the powers to do so. Inthese rules and contracts of the company all your interests are taken intoaccount, there are no inaccuracies, all the information received by you ischecked by you in full and there are no incomprehensible moments.


22. If these applications are not accepted, you mustnot sign the contract with the company.


23. The company is not responsible for the actions,materials, information or data of third parties, and you exempt the company,its management, officials, employees and agents from any liability for anydamage, overt or latent. You conduct your business with the company at your ownrisk, realizing that the provision of services of the company may lead you topossible undesirable or unpredictable consequences.


24. All written and verbal, any other agreementsbetween you and the company, as well as all information received before thesigning of the agreement and the automatic acceptance of the rules, notspecified in the agreement with the company and its rules and applications-atits signing Loses its power and is considered for you insignificant andirrelevant in the provision of services stipulated in the Agreement.


25. You do not have complaints about the style, shapeand structure writing signed contract with the company, of the Annex to the Agreement (if any) and this Rules.


26. Any breach of these Rules is a flagrant violation of the agreement with the Companyand may be a reason for it to stop cooperation with the Client.



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