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Company's overview

Our company is one of the world's largest outsourcing marketplace counting the number of projects and users. With the help of our service, employers can hire outsourcers to provide work in such areas as data entry, sales and marketing software development, writing, legal services and design right through to engineering, the sciences and accounting. We make it fast and easy, profitably to discover, perform, and you are able to pay the best experts anytime and anywhere. While technology keep on improving, there are still many tasks that individuals can provide more productively than digital devices, such as researching, moderating content or representation of data deduplication. Usually, things like this have been executed by engaging a large temporary workforce, which is long-lasting, pricey and hard to count. Outsourcing is an excellent method to break down manual, long-lasting tasks into smaller, easier issues to be fulfilled by remote professionals.

We cover

  • Time, calls and absence tracking
  • Monitoring performance
  • Legal work relationship setup
  • Market research
  • Assistance with salary negotiation
  • Candidate services
  • Recruitment services

The problem

  • Skills shortage is one of the main problems for companies nowadays. A lot of officials face with the difficulty in finding the right experts for their demanding business projects.
  • Renting offices or paying all the payroll and FICA (Social Security and Medicare) taxes for remote workers influences your vantage.
  • What to do when one of your best employees wants to change the place he`s living at?
  • Some people are introverts. Usually, workers find it difficult to develop a sense of proximity with their in-office colleagues.
  • There is no chance to supervise your collaborators continually.
  • Hiring a specialist from foreign country and expanding your pool team can cost you a fortune.
  • Usually on-site workers speak only their mother tongue and it is difficult for customers to explain their offer or order. Hiring a translator into a company may be too expensive.
  • Time zones for your customers. Imagine, you have a customer with a different time zone, but they usually cannot reach you according to time difference.
  • A turnover of a worker. One thing that is never taken to consideration while running a business is how much it costs to lose a worker. Having to replace an employee that makes a salary of $80,000 will often cost the business approximately 20% of that salary, and this is the price only for one employee.

The solution

  • We tackle this difficulty by providing companies access to highly qualified autonomous advisors and experts.
  • There is no need to rent offices or pay taxes for hired staff, our employees work from home.
  • Most of employees find a remote work more productive. Sometimes, a fresh outlook can bring new vitality to an enterprise.
  • The ability to work from another city. If you have ever found an employee that fits your needs perfectly, but he`s leaving for another town to live and the transportation to his working place is too expensive to pay for- let us offer you a remote worker.
  • Reduced stress for employees. The ability to work from a remote location may reduce the stress that some workers usually face. The feeling of privacy we can only obtain in total silent, non-public and comfortable environment. Sometimes, it is a major benefit for the workers.
  • An ability to check the productivity of your workers with the help of technical support. Usually, this helps to work out a proper discipline for your workers.
  • Foreign specialist can be attracted by employers worldwide. If you want your team to consist only from best of the bests.
  • Hire native speakers in foreign languages. It increases the loyalty of your brand and satisfaction of customers.
  • Hiring a worker with a different time zone helps you to be available 24/7.
  • There are no turnovers with remote workers.
  • There is no need to extra pay for a holiday period.
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